Manson to marry Dita
Kilkenny People

16 November 2005

Manson to marry Dita

MADONNA is coming to Kilkenny. She will attend what should be the wackiest wedding ever seen in the city or county.The world's paparazzi will not be far behind when eccentric rocker Marilyn Manson marries his stripper fiancée, Dita Von Teese, in a "unique" ceremony. The event in early January will be set in a private estate outside the city. All those working on the project have been sworn to secrecy.

Elaborate preparations are well underway for the marriage of a woman (von Teese), famous for taking her clothes off and a man (Marilyn) famous for dressing like a woman. A number of local suppliers have secured lucrative service contracts for the "gig". All have had to sign confidentiality agreements not to speak to the press before or after the event. The Kilkenny People has learned that no expense will be spared with most guests expected to arrive by helicopter. A small army of bouncers will ensure privacy at the estate which has been booked for a week.

Manson, the gothic-rocker has sold millions of albums. He is a controversial figure in the USA and has a cult following all over the world. The mansion where the reception will be held is not being revealed for security reasons. If the venue is disclosed there is every chance that Manson (real name Brian Warner) will pull out of Ireland and choose to get married somewhere else. Manson's Satanic notoriety made tragic headlines in 1998 when two teenage fans gunned down 12 of their fellow students inside Columbine High School near Denver in Colorado. Afterwards, Manson went into hiding for two years speaking only through his website, such was the strength of the venom from those who criticised him. The guest list at his wedding is expected to include Madonna and her film producer husband Guy Ritchie; Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Keanu Reeves (Manson did the music for the film The Matrix), Nicolas Cage and Manson's best friend, Mandy Moore, the actress who appeared in Goldmember.